PhillipsAlum.Org Membership

The Phillips University Alumni and Friends Association speaks as the voice of alumni and friends: communicates, preserves, and perpetuates the heritage of Phillips University.

2023 was a great year for PUAFA. The Reunion was one for the ages, and the connections made and remade were priceless. We saw the benefit of enabling our Phillips community to maintain connections. So, PUAFA is becoming a Membership Site to communicate, preserve and perpetuate the heritage of Phillips University.

You may think, I’m already a member of PUAFA, why register on the website? Because until now, our website was mainly a place to buy memorabilia, share who had died, and let people know about events that were happening or had happened. Your Alumni Board has been working to bring value to our members in several ways. By registering as a member of the website, you and your friends in the Phillips community will be able, if you choose, to contact each other. Better yet, you may be able to locate friends with whom you’d lost contact.

For starters, you can register as a member and provide when you attended, what degree(s) you earned at Phillips, the clubs of which you were a member. To be honest, much of our information is pretty stale. We don’t know if it’s accurate or not. If we wanted to arrange a regional reunion where you live, we wouldn’t necessarily be able to let you know that the event will be held in your town.

Your contact information, or just certain parts of it, will be as available as you wish to make it, e.g. limit only to members of your club, or only to members of PUAFA, or to PULF and/or PTS. Each of these options are individual choices you make when you register. This information will help us provide content on the website you’re more likely to be interested in.

As we move forward, we hope to provide a more private, less commercial place to share stories, upload your photos from your days at Phillips U. We expect to add a means to update our In Memory page which has not been updated in several years. There are several ways we can make a place to connect with others. Registering to be a member has its reward… when you register to be a member, you receive a $5.00 discount when you register for the next homecoming.

NOTICE FOR CURRENT ACCOUNT HOLDERS: If you already have an account set up on – likely created when you ordered something through the shopping mall – you should login to the website with your current username and password using this link: Once you’re logged in, use the membership registration link to update your profile rather than creating a new one. If your current password does not meet the strength requirements included in the member registration, in the membership registration form you change your password making it stronger. The registration form provides the requirements, but we encourage you to make it even stronger, e.g. more special characters, more numbers, and so on.

To create your new membership account, click on this link

When you register for the 2024 Reunion, you can also pay your PUAFA Membership dues. We’ll soon add the ability to make payment via credit card on the website even if you are not registering for the reunion.